Real estate wholesalers spend a lot of time, money and most importantly, effort, chasing leads in hopes of finding a great deal. Motivated sellers are the lifeblood of any wholesalers. It’s a simple formula: The more you find, the more deals you close and the more money you can make.

But sending out to absentee owners is over-saturated. Driving for dollars can be resourceful, but takes time. We at Texas Eviction Lists have created and cultivated a source of data where the motivation never stops. We sell lists of landlords going through an eviction in Harris county.

For the past two + years, we have used eviction data as our only source for direct mail and it’s worked out quite well. Now we’re offering this same opportunity to a select few individuals who work the Houston real estate market.

To understand why using eviction lists as a source for your motivated sellers in Houston, we put together this list of five reasons of why you should use eviction data below.

Highly Motivated Leads

There is no doubt a landlord going through an eviction is a motivated seller. If they have filed, there’s a bevy of reasons why, but most of the time, it’s because the tenant has simply quit paying. What’s the no. 1 reason landlords own property? To make money! If that source of money stops, they need to get them out and put someone in place who will pay the rent.

Often times, however, these landlords have been holding these properties for years. Deferred maintenance has started to pile up and this latest tenant is just the icing on the cake. The landlord is stewing about all the problems they’re having. They go to check their mail and there’s a postcard/letter from you, telling them you’re there to solve their problems. Match made in heaven!

Potential For Great ROI

As you can read in our white paper (hyperlink to white paper), we spend just shy of $6,000 last year on marketing materials for our direct mail to Houston. That includes postcards and postage. From that $6,000, we received $36,000 in gross revenue. That’s a six times return on our investment.

However, that return SHOULD have been greater. We lost out on an additional $54,000 in deals from various reasons. Add up those numbers and they are staggering. Now will you see the exact results? Maybe not, but the potential is there.

Low Cost of Leads

When it comes to direct mail marketing, as with any marketing, the goal is to maximize dollars spent against dollars earned. Can you find a printer to get your cards done cheap? Sure, no problem. Can you get a service company to mail your cards cheap? Sure, no issues there either. But where can you get quality leads at a fair price?
You can do that with Texas Eviction Lists.

For Harris County, we average 80 leads per week on the monthly account payment. That’s 320 leads a month for .18 per lead.

If you were to buy an absentee owner’s list from for instance, it would take you nearly 1,800 leads purchased to get that price per lead. And our leads are motivated! Also, we don’t sell to every single person waving a credit card. We limit our customer base to ensure the market isn’t too saturated with your marketing material! How many companies can say that?

Easy Access to Leads with Texas Eviction Lists

Simplicity is key and getting your motivated seller leads from Houston is very important to us at Texas Eviction Lists. We deliver the lists every Friday night, which means they leads you’re receiving have come from that week! So the sooner you send your mail, the quicker your phone could be ringing from those motivated seller leads.

Not a lot of Work to Get Postcards Out

Are you looking to automate your business? Well our leads are delivered via CSV file, so it’s really easy to upload them to your online mail house and get them running as soon as possible. Or if you like to take hand-written approach, our format will work so you can easily write out your leads in front of your laptop.

Texas Eviction Lists wants to be your source of finding motivated seller leads in the Houston area. We are limiting the amount of people who can subscribe, so sign up today and start increasing your phone calls with Texas Eviction Lists today.