Someone smarter than myself once said, “What gets measured gets done.” We at Texas Eviction Lists are huge proponents of this idea. When you’re in the business of selling direct mail marketing lists in Houston, the data better be good, or you won’t be long for business.

In today’s technology-driven world, we are bestowed many tools to measure our results. As real estate investors, you had better be calculating every aspect of your business. Nothing holds more true than the results we see from our direct mail marketing.

For most of us, direct mail marketing is the lifeblood for deals in our business. Each time that phone rings, it’s a constant reminder that it works. And until it doesn’t, it should be one of the many tools you use to get leads into your real estate investing business.

Because of that, we decided to test our data for one month. We already know how effective eviction lists in Houston can be, but we wanted to prove it with our own money.

During July, we sent out postcards to every single new lead we generated for Texas Eviction Lists. The idea was not to poach from our customers. We’re not actively working these deals, but rather showing potential customers the power this data holds. Here are the numbers:

After looking over the numbers, it’s not mindblowing, but that’s not the point. It’s a steady, consistent drip of lead coming into your real estate wholesaling business in Houston every single week.

For instance, the “industry standard” for getting a call back in direct mail is 1%, right? Ok, so using the industry standard, it should take you 1,400 mail pieces to generate 14 leads. Simple math, try and keep up.

If you’re using our method, the printing and postage will cost you .38 per piece and out the door. So .38 x 443 = $168.34 to deliver a month’s worth of direct mail.

But if your mail only gets you 1% and your cost is the EXACT SAME, those 1,400 pieces will cost you $532, which is THREE times more expensive and you’re achieving the same results. I’m no mathematician, but this is simple arithmetic. With Texas Eviction Lists, you’ll spend less and get more calls.

How good are eviction lists for getting wholesale deals in Houston? We wrote a white paper on it. 

Still have questions, please don’t hesitate to message me directly.