Real estate investing is the combination of many skills, wrapped into one complicated mess. However, the output can be quite beautiful.

I was listening to a Joe Fairless podcast the other day and the investor refers to himself as a “real estate artist.” One look at his properties and you would never deny that.

Whether you’re developing million dollar plus properties, selling real estate as a Realtor or simply wholesaling properties in Texas, one needs a steady diet of seller leads to ensure your business does just that, stays IN business.

Way more often than not, the “go to” list to send direct mail marketing is the absentee owners list. Are you purposely looking to waste money? Then continue sending to absentee owners. I will argue data is king and using other lists is more effective and the cost per acquisition can be dramatically reduced.

Lots of real estate investors use direct mail marketing to get their leads. The most popular list to pull is the famous, or infamous, absentee owner list. Simple stated, absentee owners own a property but do not live there. So they are “absent” from the property. Some will go even deeper and take out the owners who live less than 50 to 100 miles from the property, as they might be more vested in said property. Others will only run a list with “out of state” absentee owners.

The thought behind this list is that the owner doesn’t live close, their interest is low in the property and they would be more motivated to sell than someone who lives close to the house.

All of this can be true, but how many California investor pour their money into Texas because it’s more affordable to invest there. Do you think they’re managing this real estate remotely? Not a chance. Their motivation to sell is going to be a lot lower than someone who might be going through, say, an eviction.

For instance, that same California investor is quite happy when their asset is performing, just like everyone would be. But the second said asset quits performing, the thought of selling might creep into their mind. Then BAM! You hit them with a postcard or letter, asking them if they’re interested in selling their property.

Now they’ve seen dozens, if not thousands of postcards asking them to sell. But this particular postcard brings up the pain points of owning a property. It says, “Are you going through an eviction?” — Yes they are. “Are you tired of late and no rent?” — Yes, they are. Well, Mr. Wholesaler, you might just be getting yourself a phone call.

Eviction leads are really great for those landlords who just get in over their heads and want to just get out and away from the property as quick as humanly possible.

Last month, we decided to test our data in July. Were the result stunning? No, but they were above average. What we spent on postcards and postage for the month, it would cost three times that to achieve the results where we only spent less than $175.

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