Texas Eviction Lists was launched in June of 2017 with the purpose of bringing real estate wholesalers, Realtors, property managers and lawyers fresh, weekly leads of motivated sellers in Texas.

We knew eviction leads were great, as we’ve been using them for the past two plus years with great results. Now it was our opportunity to turn off that pipeline to us and push it out into the public.

In the year since launching in Houston, we have seen steady growth and are ready to move into a new territory: the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. In the DFW market, we will start off by offering weekly motivated seller leads for Tarrant and Denton counties.

With the 6th largest metropolitan district in the United States, the DFW area continues to see growth which is being outpaced by only one other place: Houston. Good quality housing continues to be in short supply and Texas Eviction Lists is here to help.

We provide our customers with weekly lists of landlords going through an eviction. Often times, these landlords are tired of dealing with tenants who don’t pay, tear up the property and in general, the headaches that go with being a landlord. Simply take our data and send them a direct mail piece.

Do the leads work?

We’re not in the business of selling a useless product and we wouldn’t still be in business if that were the case.

In July, we decided to put our data to the test and send out postcards to every single lead our customers got. (Now keep in mind, we weren’t working these leads, simply taking the calls and gathering information.

The data works, no doubt about it. So, are you ready to get highly motivated seller leads in the DFW area emailed to you weekly? Then sign up today.

As we’ve done in Harris county, we will be limiting the amount of sign ups, so getting on the list will get you first access to the leads before anyone else.

Still not sure how it all works? Check out the how it works page or feel free to message us directly.