We Want to Take Your Real Estate Investing Business to the Next Level

We created Texas Eviction Lists to help real estate investors, property managers and lawyers, connect with potential clients through high quality data on a weekly basis. Unlike some companies who sell and resell data to as many people as possible, we believe in quality over quantity.



We care deeply for our customers, so the data is thoroughly filtered each week. We clear out corporate complexes and commercial data. You are receiving landlords with a single family home or multi-family unit going through an eviction.

Limited Exposure


When we limit our customer base, your direct mail marketing gets a chance to shine, instead of getting drown out amongst the other pieces the potential seller might receive.

Test our data for yourself.

We are seasoned real estate investors with a mission to provide a truly motivated seller lead list to you. We became a customer of TexasEvictionLists.com to try it out ourselves first. We have had such a great response rate with this list that not only are we still a customer, but we decided to buy the company in August 2019.

We are proud to provide you with a motivated seller list that will truly make a difference to your business whether or not you are a real estate investor, an attorney or property manager. Add the Texas Eviction List as an additional source to your direct mail marketing program today. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you very much for your business. The Texas Eviction Lists Team. You may also visit our website at HurryHouseBuyers.com.

Contact us at:  info@texasevictionlists.com