Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your leads exclusive?
Yes! We are limiting the amount of people who can sign up. This gives you a better opportunity for your message to stand out from the mass of mail sent from other prospectors.
How often is my card charged?

Regardless of which plan you purchase (flat fee annual or monthly), you will be charged immediately at the time of sale.

Then, if you are on the monthly plan, your card will be charged on a recurring basis on the anniversary of your original sign up date. For instance, if you sign up on the 12th, you will be charged the following month on the 12th.

Annual plan subscribers will be renewed each year on their anniversary date.

Recurring charges will continue until you notify Texas Eviction Lists that you would like to change or cancel your plan.

When do I get my first list?

You will receive an email with a link to download your first list within 24 to 48 hours after signing up. All lists are delivered in .cvs file format.

Then, a new list will be emailed to you each week on Monday until your plan is cancelled.

Are your leads real time?

Our leads are updated weekly from landlords who have filed an eviction earlier that week.

How do I receive the leads?

You will receive an email every Monday with a secure link that you may simply click to download to your leads in CSV file format.

Are your leads filtered?

We filter the leads, removing tenants that are being evicted from corporate-owned apartment complexes, senior homes and commercial facilities. What remains are strictly single family and multi-family apartment complexes leads.

What precincts do these leads come from?

We pull data from all eight precincts in the Houston area. Your list will actually tell you which precinct the house is located. In the Dallas market, data will come from both Tarrant and Denton counties. Listings from the city of Dallas and Dallas County are not available at this time.

How do I know these are good leads?

These are landlords who are filing an eviction, which means a tenant has been paying them for months. Often times, these landlords are so tired, they just want to sell their property fast, which can mean big profits for you.

Why didn't I get leads this week?

Not often, but sometimes, the eviction leads aren’t generated for the week, especially around the holidays. Your card will not get charged for these rare exceptions and you will receive your leads the following week.

How do I upgrade, change or cancel my plan?

If you have any pricing questions or would like to change your subscription plan, please send us an email to

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your subscription at anytime by sending an email to Cancellation means that you will not be charged when your next recurring charge is due.

For monthly plans, that means you will not be charged your next upcoming monthly charge on your anniversary date. You WILL continue to receive new leads list each Monday until your anniversary date is reached. At that time, new leads lists will no longer be sent to you. For example, let’s say that you purchased your monthly plan on the 13th of the month and decide to cancel on the 21st. You will continue to receive new leads lists each Monday until the 13th of the next month is reached. After that, you will not be charged again on the 13th and new lead list will not be sent each Monday.

If you have any questions about pricing, please email: for assistance. We will respond in 24 hours or less.