Houston (Ft Bend County) Monthly Plan

$49.00 per month

Fort Bend County is one of 4 suburban counties in the Metro Houston area. It is ranked among the wealthiest counties in Texas as well as being one of the fasting growing counties in the United States. Property values in Fort Bend are high and the motivated sellers here offer profitable potential.

This monthly list of approximately 100 recent eviction filings comes with the added bonus of seller phone numbers along with their property addresses. This allows for quicker, more personal contact with property owners that may be motivated to sell.

New lead lists will be delivered every Saturday. They will come via email as a .CSV file, ready to upload. The columns will include the landlord’s name, mailing address, address of their property, precinct and date filed. Your membership also includes test-proven postcard templates to get your phone ringing and solid advice to get those properties under contract.