Houston (Harris/Ft. Bend Combo) Monthly Plan

$79.00 per month

This combo plan includes hot leads from both Harris and Fort Bend counties and gives you the most bang for your marketing dollar. It allows you to expand your marketing efforts into both a strong rental market as well as higher value properties for ONE LOW PRICE! When signing up for this monthly plan, you get an immediate savings of $29 off the regular monthly subscription rates. That’s a savings of more than $300 per year!

Each monthly list includes approximately 475 of the latest eviction leads from 2 of the Houston’s most populous counties. As an added bonus, the leads from Fort Bend only will also include owner phone numbers.

New lead lists will be delivered every Saturday. They will come via email as a .CSV file, ready to upload. The columns will include the landlord’s name, mailing address, address of their property, precinct and date filed. Your membership also includes test-proven postcard templates to get your phone ringing and solid advice to get those properties under contract.