The Houston real estate market continues to surge month over month and according to HAR, home prices have reached the highest levels of all time. In a surging housing market, it’s more important than ever to have a steady trickle of leads for your real estate investing, property management or wholesaling business.

Houston Monthly Plan

$59.00 per month

At Texas Eviction Lists, we provide our clients with fresh leads every single week.

If you are looking for motivated sellers in Houston, we are your go-to source for leads in Space City. We deliver landlords who have just filed an eviction in Harris County. These landlords are motivated to sell their distressed property at steep discounts to shed those bad tenants!

Absentee out of state mailing lists are dead. You need owners who have real motivation to sell their property at a discount. Texas Eviction Lists provides you with motivated seller leads every week! Each week is a new list, ready for your postcard. We provide the list of motivated sellers in Texas, you send the mail. It’s that easy.

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