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Do you need motivated seller leads in Dallas-Fort Worth or Houston, Texas? Texas Eviction Lists provides you with a weekly list of landlords going through an eviction in several counties across Texas.

These leads are motivated to sell their property at a steep discount. All you need to do is take the list and mail them a postcard!

Whether you’re a wholesaler, property manager or lawyer, you need a constant stream of healthy leads to stay in business. Texas Eviction Lists was created just for you! We deliver lists of motivated sellers every week to your inbox – from 2 of the biggest markets in Texas – Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth. These leads are landlords who have recently filed an eviction in Harris County.

Why Eviction Lists?

After almost two years of research, Texas Eviction Lists has found that through our wholesaling business, we get a lot of calls and close good deals from these motivated sellers in the state of Texas. Here are some reasons why our lists are good for each category of real estate business you might operate:


Absentee owners aren’t enough anymore. You need to dig deep and find truly motivated sellers for a steady diet of good leads.

Property Managers

Often times, these landlords are overwhelmed and might need help in managing the property. Why not reach out and see how your services could assist.


Once the eviction is filed, landlords AND tenants might need representation. You can send out a letter describing your services and if you could be a good fit to represent them.

Test our data for yourself.

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After you sign up for Texas Eviction Lists, you will be welcomed with open arms and a loving embrace. But seriously, you’ll receive an email from our team thanking you for joining. Expect your first list to arrive the following Friday. We deliver all records every Friday night.

The records will be sent as a CSV file, broken down to: Landlords name, mailing address, property address, precinct of subject house and day the eviction was filed. Once you have these records, you can simply add it to your direct mail marketing list or read our blog on how we do our marketing postcards.