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Eviction Leads in Houston and Dallas


  • Choose from 3 Subscriptions with Leads to Motivated Sellers
  • Newest leads from the most populated county in Houston (Harris) and the entire Dallas-Ft. Worth market
  • Reliable Delivery to Your Inbox Every Monday
  • Ready to Use CSV formatted data including landlord name, mailing address, property address, precinct, date filed
  • Exclusivity. We limit our client base
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We’re Back in the Dallas Market!

  • Newest eviction leads from Dallas and Ft. Worth
  • Fresh List Delivered to Your Inbox Every Monday
  • Reliable Delivery

Great Value

Weekly access to the latest leads from the Houston and Dallas markets for as low as $0.15 each.

Reliable Delivery

Your leads are delivered to you every Friday night, clean and in .csv format.

Quality Leads

We scrub each list to remove multiples, corporate apartment evictions and commercial properties.

Valuable Information

Each list will contain the plaintiff’s name, mailing address, the property address and precinct in which they filed.


You are not one of 1000’s of people receiving these leads. We purposely limit membership to help ensure a higher call back rate on your direct mail campaigns.

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